2017 League

The 2017 League is over, the final results are in! Check the 2017 League Table for full details, but huge congratulations to Adrian Szlapka of Leitrim Longswords for fencing excellently and consistently throughout the 2016 and 2017 leagues, and taking first place in the final leg of the League in Galway, and taking the 2017 League Champion title with it!

Honourable mentions also go to Andrzej Rozycki and Michael Nolan of Cork Blademasters, James Welfare of Wrathful Peasants, and Adrian Gallagher of Leitrim Longswords, for consistently high standards of fencing throughout the League!

We’ll be announcing details on the 2018 League soon.

The four leg sof the 2017 League were:

April 29th: Blademaster’s Cup hosted by Cork Blademasters

June 3rd: The Horned Crown hosted by Goats Head Historical Fencing

August 19th: Belfast Bladeworks hosted by Medieval Combat Group

October/November: Galway HEMA Open hosted by Swords of the West


Prizes for the 2017 League were generously donated to us by our sponsors :

SPES Historical Fencing Gear
Danelli Armouries
Regenyei Armory
Black Fencer
The HEMA Shop – Red Dragon Armoury