About the IHFL

In 2016 HEMA Ireland announced the formation of an Irish Historic Fencing League (IHFL).  Currently we are about to kick off the first event of the 2017 League, the Blademasters Cup 2017.

For the present our competitions will include only Longsword, but we look forward to adding more disciplines as numbers and our experience with running a league starts to grow. Its expected that the next few years will involve a learning curve as the structure of the league is worked out, hopefully this is the start of something that will advance the study and practice of HEMA throughout the island of Ireland.

Each leg of the League has been encouraged to use a different ruleset with regards to scoring. This keeps each event distinct, but also helps ensure the League results give a good overall measure of fencing ability rather than the ability to fence well under a single ruleset.

For the first year there were four legs to the league competition: the Blademaster’s Cup hosted by Cork Blademasters;  the Galway HEMA Open hosted by Swords of the West; the Horned Crown Open Longsword hosted by Goat’s Head Historical Fencing; and Belfast Bladeworks hosted by Medieval Combat Group.

The fixtures for the 2017 League can be found on the 2017 League page.

Many thanks to our sponsors at Danelli Armouries, Ensifer, Regenyei Armory, SPES, and The HEMA Shop for the kind donations of prizes, see our Sponsors page for links to them.

The league results are calculated and updated after every tournament, and displayed here on the HEMA Ireland website once ready.  The overall League Champion will be announced at the end of the the final fixture of each League. For 2016, the League Champion was Matthew Malcolm of Medieval Combat Group in Belfast.

All scores reset to 0 at the end of each year, waiting for the League to begin anew.