Event Information:

  • Sat

    Días de Muertos

    10:00 - 17:00Leitrim - TBD

    Last year we at Leitrim Longswords held an event called the "Fool's Fayre". The event encompassed the weekend surrounding the 1st of April and included some casual workshops and lots of sparring / shenanigans.
    The event was well received and we had hoped to do it again this year...
    Unfortunately there's been much tumult in people's lives this past six months, we've had no time to plan anything...
    ...and, with no consideration at all, Easter weekend has decided to fall on April Fools day. Which will doubtless be inconvenient for many.

    So this year there's a change of plans.
    Sometime around Halloween, we'll instead be hosting our first *"Día de los Muertos / Día de Muertos"* event!
    Prizes will be similar to last years Fool's Fayre (honourable conduct, sportsmanship, ostentatious facial hair, flamboyant salutes, etc) but will doubtless have a more 'Halloweeny' theme. (suggestions welcome)

    Details and announcements will follow on the facebook Event Page (including a better name for the event that hopefully won't offend anyone from Mexico).