Irish Event Feedback

The HEMA scene in Ireland is still young, and whilst the event scene is steadily growing and gathering pace, we’re keen to ensure that events grow in quality at the same pace.  With that in mind, we’d very much appreciate it if people could fill in the following form after any HEMA event they attend on the island.

We’re happy for it to be submitted anonymously, or for you to put your name on it, it’s your choice. We’ll pass overall feedback (without names) for each event to the event organisers to help them keep improving (or pat them on the back for exceptional feedback!), and we’ll use any general trends we see from event to event to try and guide overall improvement across the board.  We hope you’ll also give useful feedback directly to the organisers, but a second avenue never hurts. Obviously if there’s anything you’d like us to get back to you about, please include your email address!


    For all ratings, use 1 = 'exceptionally bad' through 5 = 'more or less okay' up to 10 = 'excellent'

    YesNoDepends (explain in 'Any other...')