Medieval Combat Group is a Historic European Martial Arts (HEMA) group based in Belfast, teaching sword techniques described in period manuscripts, aiming to recreate the fighting styles of the Medieval era.

We train as martial artists, not as re-enactmentors, or as roleplay, and use modern safety equipment. The group currently focuses on the use of the German longsword (a two handed, double edged sword) and the messer (a short single edged sword used as both a tool and a weapon of self defense).

As well as running our regular classes and beginners courses, we’re happy to provide displays and interactive demonstrations or workshops at events to increase awareness and understanding of the art, or provide tailored courses if you have an interested group wanting to study.

The group runs beginners courses throughout the year, completion of which allows access to their main class.

Weapons Taught: Longsword, Messer

Instructors: Matthew Malcolm, Ross Bailey, Oliver Barker, Harold Turner

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