The Irish School of Historical Combat (ISHC) was one of the founding clubs of HEMA Ireland. Based in counties Galway and Clare it holds events and runs study groups across Connaught and Munster. The ISHC is community-based and works closely with local authorities and private organizations to bring the middle ages to life, through both HEMA and re-enactment activities. The club draws from all levels of the community and as such is open to all who are willing to learn and train safely. The ISHC is, and always will be, a sparring club and endeavours to the highest safety standards. The School has three main instructors, assessed by HEMA Ireland, who are seen as guides/teachers to the arts and will never expect any member to call them ‘master’ for they adhere to the club mantra “We are all equal under the sword”. The ISHC makes use of source materials from many historical fencing manuals and manuscripts, including those by Johannes Liechtenauer, Peter Von Danzig, Paulus Kal , Hans Talhoffer, Paulus Hector Mair, Joachim Meyer, Fiore dei Liberi, George Silver, Cappo Ferro, Alfred Hutton.

Weapons Taught: Longsword, Sword & Buckler, Sabre, and Singlestick

Instructors: Adam Duggan, James Welfare, Nadar Drejarski

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