Membership & Affiliation

HEMA Ireland welcomes all study groups and established HEMA schools alike and we are happy to offer our membership to all interested groups.

Membership criteria:

  1. Be practicing an authentic system of historical European martial arts – taught content must be based on actual historical sources!
  2. Undertake (and maintain) one of the HEMA Ireland Instructor Assessments – this lets us establish club’s instructor status as safe enough and knowledgable enough to teach.
  3. Pay the Club Membership Fees – an annual fee of 60e per club is required to maintain its Hema Ireland Member status (for the club and all its members*).
    *Please note, if your club doesn’t use Hema Ireland Insurance Cover you will need to provide details of your own insurance for our records. 
    Club Membership paypal link:
  4. Pay Individual Membership Fees – an annual fee of 30e (for ordinary members) or 50e (for Hema Ireland Certified Instructors only) in order to become a Hema Ireland Insured Member (with Public Liability and Personal Accident Cover)
    Individual Membership paypal link:
    Instructor Membership paypal link:
  5. Adhere to HEMA Ireland’s policies for equality, child protection, code of conduct, health & safety, and standards.

Membership benefits:

  • Reassurance to the public that what you teach is an authentic system of Historical European Martial Arts.
  • Reassurance to the public and venues that your base level of teaching has been reviewed by other acknowledged instructors and the association.
  • Discounted access to basic first aid training for members.
  • Access to HEMA Ireland events restricted to Members only.
  • Free advertising for your group and events on the HEMA Ireland website and social media.
  • Increased opportunity to develop better links with other HEMA groups on the island.
  • Support and advice from established HEMA groups/instructors on the island to help grow your own group.

HEMA Ireland is currently working on the following additional benefits:  coach development programs, judge/referee training days, instructor assessment beyond Level 1, HEMA-specific first aid courses, wider affiliations with other martial arts bodies.