Membership & Affiliation

HEMA Ireland is still a young body, and as such we’re still adapting and improving how we interact with the HEMA community on the island. We welcome approaches from fledgling study groups and established HEMA schools alike and are happy to extend the invitation to affiliate to any interested groups.

Membership criteria:

  1. Be practicing an authentic system of historical European martial arts – taught content must be based on actual historical sources!
  2. Undertake (and maintain) one of the HEMA Ireland Instructor Assessments – this lets us establish 1) and stand behind you as safe enough and knowledgable enough to teach.
  3. If your group arranges its own insurance, show that it is current and valid, and contribute €50 annually to HEMA Ireland’s running costs (these groups are referred to as Affiliate Members).
  4. If your group has no insurance or doesn’t wish to arrange it themselves, insure your instructors and students through HEMA Ireland (these groups are referred to as Full Members).
  5. Adhere to HEMA Ireland’s policies for equality, child protection, code of conduct, health & safety, and standards. [Currently being reformatted and updated, available here soon.]

Membership benefits:

  • Reassurance to the public that what you teach is an authentic system of historical european martial arts.
  • Reassurance to the public and venues that your base level of teaching has been reviewed by other acknowledged instructors and the association.
  • Discounted access to basic first aid training for members.
  • Access to any HEMA Ireland restricted training events and tournaments.
  • Free advertising for your group and events on the HEMA Ireland website and social media.
  • Increased opportunity to develop better links with other HEMA groups on the island.
  • Support and advice from established HEMA groups/instructors on the island to help grow your own group.

HEMA Ireland is currently working on the following additional benefits:  coach development programs, judge/referee training days, instructor assessment beyond Level 1, HEMA-specific first aid courses, wider affiliations with other martial arts bodies.