Ranking System

The League scores for each event are worked out in the following way:

  • Fighters are ranked on performance in the tournament. The podium placesĀ  (1st to 3rd) and 4th place reflect the main tournament result. Fifth place onwards is based entirely on performance in the pools*.
  • If the tournament has N competitors, 1st place is awarded N points, 2nd place N-2, 3rd place N-4, and fourth and subsequent places N-5, N-6, N-7 etc. to a minimum of two points.
  • If the number of competitors is less than 20, N will be set as 20 for the purposes of tournament points.

The League points system is reviewed at the end of each year. Any and all feedback is welcome, but will only be discussed/potentially incorporated into the following year’s system.

*Note that for the individual tournaments, their final tournament rankings may differ slightly from this, as is their right.