HEMA Ireland Instructor Assessments

HEMA Ireland runs regular instructor assessments for those running or forming their own study groups or classes. The lowest of these, the Level 1 Instructor assessment, serves as a baseline check on safe practices whilst teaching and running a class, and establishes a basic level of skill and ability to develop a lesson plan and a beginner-suitable course of development.

This assessment is primarily geared towards instructors and groups who are affiliated, or wish to be affiliated, with HEMA Ireland.  For contact with venues, insurers, or the public in general, it can be a useful reassurance for them to be able to see an instructors certificate issued from a body they can contact and double check with, and also see the body’s code of conduct and requirements so that they know the standard of instructor they are dealing with.

Higher level instructor assessments (Level 2 and beyond) are being finalised and details will be announced in the coming year.

The body of HEMA practitioners on the island is small and co-operative, and one of the main aims of HEMA Ireland is to increase that co-operation and foster strong ties between the various clubs and groups. In the spirit of that co-operation it is preferred that candidates for instructor assessments are nominated by other current instructors.  For fledgling study groups starting to take their first steps, this can be the instructor of whichever group has been helping you along, for established classes outside HEMA Ireland it’s very likely that in such a small community you already have contacts with several HEMA Ireland instructors willing to nominate you.

More details on the assessment procedure can be found here, and the form for nominating candidates for the Level 1 assessments can be found here.