1 Million Strikes Challenge

Announcing the HEMA Ireland One Million Strikes Challenge!

We are launching a year-long challenge to support our members in their training and to help restore some of the sense of community that we’ve been missing during lockdown. The challenge is ambitious, we are aiming to, together, reach one million strikes within one year!

Strikes can be cuts, thrusts, slashes, punches, throws etc. that you do as part of your training. You can use any ‘weapons’ available to you under lockdown conditions, from a steel training sword to a wooden spoon!

There is no set commitment or number of strikes to follow, just count your strikes and log them on the Google form for the challenge. You can track realtime progress of the challenge on the online charts as we go from 0 to 1,000,000! You can log your strikes under your name and track your running total, or contribute anonymously or under a nickname, as you prefer. HEMA Ireland members are also asked to select their club when entering results so we can also track the input per club.

Note: Though we are providing plenty of opportunities for stats geeks to track their progress, we don’t want this to get too competitive. The aim of the challenge is for us to have fun and support ourselves both as HEMA Ireland members and as part of the wider HEMA community.

Participants are also encouraged to share updates, videos and training montages to the HEMA Ireland Facebook group to help support your fellow fencers participating in this challenge.


Not a HEMA Ireland member? You can still take part! Though we have set ourselves the challenge to reach 1,000,000 strikes as an organisation, we’re also inviting our friends outside the federation to pile on. You can take part in a fun challenge while giving us your encouragement and support! We are keeping a second running total to se how many strikes we can reach together as a wider community.  Just log your strikes on the same form and choose ‘Other’ under the drop-down for your club. So come take part and invite your friends too!

Log your strikes via form below:

And check submissions stats here: