Fencer Support Grant 2024

  1. Eligibility
    a. this grant is eligible for all HEMA Ireland registered members with fully paid-up membership (for 2024 calendar year).
    b. The aim of the grant is to support individual practitioners with
    accessing HEMA events available outside of Ireland.
  2. Funding
    a. HEMAI will provide five (5) grants per year with a total amount of €100 each.
    b. Funds will be provided before the end of the year (Q4 2024) to the winning submissions by bank transfer.
  3. Requirements
    a. Submissions needs to be sent by email to secretary@hemaireland before or on 30th of Sept 2024.
    b. Submissions need to provide the following:
    i. Info about the participated HEMA event outside of Ireland (max 1 pager describing the event, things to note, what they have learned and any other info useful for other practitioners planning to attend).
    ii. Proof of registration for the event (email confirmation, receipt,
    invoice etc).
    iii. Invoices/receipts covering the costs of the participation and/or
    flight tickets, hotel receipt etc.,
  4. HEMA Ireland Committee will review all entries and announce the
    winning submission in Oct 2024 via social media pages and on HEMA Ireland website with payment following shortly after that.
  5. Any questions/issues please contact HEMA Ireland via secretary@hemaireland