Level 1 Instructors Assessment

The assessment process for Level 1 HEMA Ireland instructor is fairly straightforward. A brief overview is given here, and specific detail will be sent to candidates prior to their assessment.

The assessment comprises of two main parts – the practical assessment and the submission of a short ‘entry level’ programme for their chosen weapon.

Practical Assessment
The practical assessment consists of the candidate giving a short group lesson on their chosen weapon, followed by a short one-on-one lesson. A brief lesson plan should be provided to the assessment panel well ahead of time, outlining what is intended to be covered, and what historical sources have been accessed. The assessment checks for safe class management, good basic teaching practice, appropriate attitude and methods, and that content taught actually falls within the remit of Historical European Martial Arts.

Short Entry Level programme
At present this should be submitted within 1 month of the practical assessment. The candidate will present a programme/timetable for an entry level course in their chosen weapon system. The course should cover all the basic aspects of the discipline, from the basic aspect of guards to some of the advanced techniques, with reference to pertinent historical sources. The program should show the general areas of teaching and how long each will be taught to the students. It should also show a typical class lesson time table, with some detail on the different sections of the class and their allocated time. Not that this does not need to be an in-depth or expansive programme. A programme of sufficient depth and quality to show the ability to plan a basic level two month beginners course in the weapon system of choice is generally what is required.

Failure to submit

A candidate who passes the practical assessment, but does not submit the short syllabus, or submits an unacceptable syllabus, will be rated as Group Supervisor, rather than Instructor. At the discretion of the assessment panel and HEMA Ireland Committee, a resubmission of the syllabus without re-taking the practical assessment may be possible.